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We serve a sending God and we have been commanded to GO. At Gateway our response is to go into all the nations and be the beautiful feet that bring the Good News – Isaiah 52:7. So we are committed to going and want to create opportunities for everyone at Gateway to participate, through short trips and longer visits. At present, we are committed to going to the following nations on a regular basis: India; Sri Lanka; Lesotho, and of course, South Africa. For more details on our next mission trip, please see our calendar.

Mission Sunday

As a church we send teams to serve; encourage and empower partnering churches in our city and region; for more details, please see our calendar.

Music Team

The music team consists of the media team; sound team and band. Different talents and gifts, but one heart to bring praise, glory and honour to King Jesus.

Men’s Ministry

More and more men, including Christian leaders, are fighting for their spiritual lives, but do not know how to prevail against the enemy’s assault.


This course is for any man who’s ever struggled in the battle against sexual sin. Conquer success in this battle, means arming yourself with the tools and strategies to help combat the trap that hell has put in your path.

The Conquer Series teaches men everything they need to know about the battlefield, the enemy, weaponry, military strategies and scientific facts that shed new light to immutable Biblical truth. Everything in the lessons is strictly based on Scripture and packaged in high-quality cinematic storytelling.

We answer tough and awkward questions that most men steer clear of but are yearning to know and, finally, we leave men with hope and support so that they can continue to be a conqueror one day at a time. Conquer Series is Ideal for all men!


SOZO is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, delivered,” which had been used 110 times in the New Testament to describe the result of the finished work of the Cross.

The Bethel Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.


For more information, please contact the church office on

Ladies Ministry

Our Ladies Meeting aims to encourage, equip and build one another, grow deeper in our daily walk and connection with God. We plan our events and activities prayerfully for the ladies in our community, with the hope to promote spiritual growth and maturity.


We desire to see our ladies, young and old, living the fulness of Christ in their life, homes and in the community. We pursue to provide a safe environment and create opportunities to love and serve one another with our God-given talents, flowing out to our spheres of influences in the community with grace and deep compassion.


Women of the Bible Series:

The Bible is full of powerful stories of men and women who encountered God. We hope the life changing truth and experience of women in the Bible will inspire, challenge, strengthen and encourage us ladies, as we journey through their life story.


The boundless story of women in the bible reflects many of the challenges face by women of today.  We believe the ladies in our community will discover and experience the loving God at work in our life, allow God to transform us as we delve deep into the word and stories of these wonderful women in the Bible.

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